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 Naraca Barnet DONE

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PostSubject: Naraca Barnet DONE   Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:40 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Naraca Barnet

Alias (optional):

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Bending Power: Earth

Allegiances: Earth ((He mostly travels around though so he's does not really have an allegiance))

Blood Type(Optional):

Family Members(Optional):

Birth Date(Optional):

Star Sign(Optional):

Extra Information: Naraca mostly travels too different nations and never stays in one place for too long.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?o=80

Height: 7 feet

Weight: 500 pounds

Body Type: Extremly large and is a tower of muscle and power.

Extra Feature: Naraca has several battle scars that run all across his body. These scars cover his body and four run down his face. He is very large and it is all strong, dense muscle that makes him very intimidating to look at.

Voice: Hard and Savage, with a slight gentle side too it given the right setting and tone.

Extra Clothing/Gear: Naraca wears a long dark red jacket and a black tank top under that jacket. He carries massive sword that is almost as big as he is. Naraca had his left arm wrapped in armor plating and he walks around barefoot. Everything else is in the picture.


Personality: Generally Naraca is a quiet but nice person. He is respectful of other people and
he is very caring for someone his size. Despite his size Naraca is very clam when he is not
fighting. With a strong personality and always
standing up for what he believes in Naraca will always be ready to fight
for what he believes is right. Mostly Naraca will try to avoid a fight
and he will also try to avoid killing. However, Naraca did not become an earth bender by being a peace lover.
When it comes to battle, Naraca can be
very deadly and brutal, while he still will avoid killing you or
seriously injuring you he will still fight you like a pit bull. Naraca
will not hesitate to break your bones or paralyze you permanently in
order to stop the fight.
While Naraca will make attempts he not too Charismatic, he
had problems with words sometimes and will occasionally let his emotions over
take his judgment but this rarely happens. Naraca is kind, gentle giant, but he is
capable of being serious and tough.
In any situation Naraca is more
of an observant and quiet person rather then the life of the party.
Being a battle hardened Earth bender Naraca will always keep his back
to a wall when in a crowd. Or just around several people that he does
not trust or know. He hates dealing with things like tricksor traps
in a fight. Naraca has always been a firm believer in fighting with
either your hands or a weapon. Bold attacks rather then subtle traps and
tricks. Naraca does not have a problem in fighting these things as if
it's a weakness, but it's just not preferred.
Generally Naraca lives a
lonely life, he does not have many friends or love interests. Nor does
he want them. Too many times in his life as a warrior has he lost friends
of partners. To him it's better to have as little connections as
possible. But still to have a few since being totally lonely would
eventually cause you to act a little insane, and friends help quell that
insanity. Naraca fights so that others may be happy and free of pain.
Even if Naraca must balance those out by feeling the opposite of what he
fights for.

Likes: Fighting, quiet and silence, people who don't try and push him or fight him.

Dislikes: Being surrounded, fighting people who run and hide, people who try to control him.

Goals: Too eliminate all corruption in the world and continue his own journey on searching for who he is.

Fears: Through out his life he has become immune to things like fear, pressure or shock.

Strength: Naraca extremely physically strong, his punches are bone breaking and he is capable of breaking through rock and ripping through metal. Naraca is a power house and his strength is unmatched. So far no one has found a limit to his strength, everything that is put in front of him he is able to lift or break or move aside, However this has yet too be confirmed as since everyone has a limit.
Naraca is also very skilled with is massive sword and his a moderate earth bender, although he is not the best in the world he can still hold his own. Naraca also had a high resistance to pain and it is very hard to break him.

Weakness: Naraca has trouble fighting people who run and hide and he also had trouble fighting women. Also he does not like to kill people which gives others the opportunity to surprise him after it appears he had won.

Extra Information: Naraca will not use his sword very much but he will mostly fight with his hands. His sword mainly rests on his back and he does not use it very often.


History: The bio of Naraca is not one that is sad. Naraca is not the depressed
kid who lost is parents at a young age or had some random tragedy that
happened making him sad or angry or having a fetish for genocide.
Instead Naraca's life was pretty average for a ninja. He grew up in and unknown part of the earth kingdom, parents were a little poor, had average grades in the Earth bending academy and had both friends and bully's while growing up.
At the age of four his parents enlisted him in the earth bending

the most part his grades were pretty average, a few C's followed by a
couple B's and one or two A's. However those A's always ended up in one
spot: Naraca's physical strength and sheer muscle mass. Naraca had
always been a big guy even from age one weighing in at an alarming 10
pounds upon birth. The power stayed with him with plenty of exercise a
great diet plan. When it came to muscle Naraca was the best in the
academy. He won every strong man contest in the academy. It wasn't long
after Naraca passed that he was already faced with his first mission,
this one however was personal.
Five years ago Naraca's father was on a
mining job, you see Naraca's father was a miner and today's mission was
to mine for a goldmine. By the time Naraca was 14 he was 6,1 witch was
pretty tall compared to his friends. After he became a ninja his parents
wanted him to go a personal mission for them. He was supposed go into a
forest that was similar to the forest of death and he was supposed to
retrieve some long lost treasure that Naraca's father had stored away in
case of an emergency. During Naraca's time in the academy his parents
were getting more poor every day. Years ago Naraca's father was a miner
and he stumbled upon a gold mine that he and many other miners were
working to try and find. The mining job was a alright pay but it was not
enough to provide his family with everything that he and his family
needed. If Naraca's father were to report his finding he might just get a
little extra cash and that would not help him or his family. After
weighing the pros and cons Naraca's father decided it would be best to
grab as much treasure as he could the hide it elsewhere. He couldn't
take it with him since he and many other miners were on a job to find
the goldmine that Naraca's father was taking. It would be to risky so
the only way was to hide it and store it away until he and his family
needed it. Naraca's father would get the treasure himself but sadly he
came down with a terrible sickness that rendered him bed-ridden for
weeks. Naraca was the only one that could get the job done.

see when Naraca's father went into the forest it wasn't so bad, over the
years however there have been many poachers, hunters and wood
collecting operations that made the forest a very hostile place to be
in. You could get eaten by a over sized snake or die from blood loss via
giant leeches if you were not careful. Naraca could do it, he was the
biggest and strongest guy in the academy. After saying is goodbyes
Naraca toke off the get the treasure. He was told that it was hidden
inside a large red wood tree that Naraca drilled a hole into and hidden
the treasure in there after he covered the hole as best as he could.
Naraca plan was simple "get the treasure and get out fast". That was the
plan anyway but even the best plans can get turned inside out and up
side down. Naraca was pretty good at staying safe and away from the
blood thirsty animals but the red wood tree was deep in the deadly
forest...Too deep. After 2 hours of walking, cutting through bushes and
vines and having to avoid assorted poisonous snakes and spiders and
other vermin Naraca made it to the red wood. It took him a while to get
the treasure since there was quite a lot but his back pack was strong.

after getting the treasure Naraca heard a rustling in the thick forest
followed by the loud sound of tree's tumbling down. Three larges snakes
were headed straight for Naraca, in a forest where the only food is
spiders and beetles, a nice lean human is not only rare but is a
delicacy even if to the snakes Naraca was like small steak. Seeing they
were hostile he had to flee from the snakes, sadly however the snakes
could move much, much faster then Naraca. Remember he got good grades
for strength, his speed was a C at best, and that was on a good day.
Forced to find shelter Naraca was able to find large thick tree with a
hole that was
big enough to fit a man of Naraca's size. With no other
choice Naraca quickly climbed up there, narrowly avoiding becoming a
human happy meal. The large snakes were about 20 feet long by the way
and the tree hole was 30 feet high so for the most part Naraca was safe.
However the damn slithery bastards were both persistent and patient.
Naraca had to stay in the hole, with little food and only a kunai knife
for a weapon he would have to stay in the hole and wait it out. The food
he held with him only lasted for a week and he was forced to eat the
spiders, termites and beetles that were crawling all over the wooden
walls of Naraca's prison. After only 3 more days he started to see and
hear things. At first he just heard very quiet voices that were easy to
ignore, but they got louder and louder and he started seeing creatures
and strange shadows. He could have swore he saw his father coughing out
blood and dead crows were surrounding him.
However Naraca stayed strong and no matter what he did not break. True
he was seeing things but that was because of the mal-nutrition and lack
of water. He managed to stay sane the whole time he saw these things and
no matter what he never broke. after 2 weeks of staying in that hole
the snakes finally left and Naraca was able to escape from the forest.
While he was weak for the most part the vermin that he ate gave him a
good amount of protein to keep his muscles alive and working.
he arrived home, the house looked like a pile of crap but after having
to be in that hole the house looked like a 2 million dollar mansion.

he arrived with a smile it was quickly washed away when his mother was
crying and his fathers bed was empty. After mourning the death of his
father Naraca was able to put the treasure he grabbed to good use. He
was able to buy a good house for both him and his mother and lots and
lots of food. After things settled down and both Naraca and his mom had
everything they needed Naraca was able to leave the new house and live
in one of his own. He said his goodbyes to his mother and he went to his
new house and lived life there while still training as a ninja and
hoping to one day become the best there is. His mother had a good paying
job and Naraca would do shinobi missions in order to get his pay. From
here Naraca would live his life as a ninja and maybe explore.

years have past since Naraca left his mother to travel and live off the land He is
now a powerful Earth bender. He is 7 feet tall and one of the
physically strongest human beings in the world.
His skin his now pale white due to most of his travels being in dark
caves or underground facility's. He would stay in these places of months
or even sometimes years. He works best in places like this since it
gives his enemys not much room for running or fighting Naraca up close
without failing. Being a hand to hand specialist Naraca works his best in
close quarters such as the underground locations or other indoor ops. Naraca would also have to work in the night most of the time which has also
caused the pale white color in his skin. With little time to deal with
it Naraca has let his grow out long. It is of no bother to him at all.
very useful for his physical strength and Constitution most of the
Naraca has taken have fairly painful and damaging to his body. He has
been tortured many times through things like capture, training, or
fighting. Since Naraca is far to dangerous to fight up close people have
mainly used long range to fight him, or jutsu to destroy him. Therefore
much more injury would come to him. There was one time when he was
being tortured that someone used a blowtorch on the left side side of
his chest, causing a massive hole to burn through his chest. Since then
that hole has been filled in with scar tissue. That is just one of the
many experiences Naraca has been through. There was a time when Naraca
was in a hand to hand fight with a bear. He survived that one by shoving
his arm deep into throat until it passed out. Then Naraca left without
the bears life. Large holes from bites showed up on his arm after wards
which also filled up with scar tissue. Including the deep cuts he got
from the bears claws during the fight. There are a total of 74 scars on
his body.
Naraca truly is the face of a battle hardened warrior.
He his not pretty at all. Naraca has since then continued to travel and fight.He hopes
to make it so no one ever has to go through the things he has gone
through. Even if that means going through all the horrors of the world

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PostSubject: Re: Naraca Barnet DONE   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:39 am

Tone down the bio. This is a site for a younger audience and the bio is rather gruesome. Also, while I dont mind him being large and powerful, 700 pounds is to excessive. I would also recommend toing down his strength a bit since he also has earth bending, make it more fair for the others.
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PostSubject: Re: Naraca Barnet DONE   Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:11 pm

Alright, edited the bio and made it so Naraca has a limit for his strength. However I wanted to ask if I could keep the weight.
I added for comedic purposes. You know like making him fall through floors or having people trying to lift him but failing. Stuff like that, are you sure that I can't keep the weight?
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PostSubject: Re: Naraca Barnet DONE   Wed Jun 22, 2011 10:50 pm

my thing is it would make him to bulky to move right. if you can figure up a way for him to keep full function of his limbs then ok
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PostSubject: Re: Naraca Barnet DONE   Thu Jun 23, 2011 6:36 pm

Well think about it. It's not all fat he's carrying around, just muscle. All of that muscle is not heavy for him. Being fat is what makes it harder for people to move around. However, when it comes to muscle, people just become more athletic and fit.
I suppose I could lower the weight but regardless he still has to be heavy. A big guy like that is way heavyier then just 200 pounds.

I've edited the weight for 300. How's that?
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PostSubject: Re: Naraca Barnet DONE   Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:17 am

not true, musced people tend to lose mobility because they have so much muscle, the muscles hit each other and stops the movement, some meatheads cant scratch their own body parts or wipe their rears cause of so much muscle. I would be willing to accept five hundred pounds, the big show was that weight once with full range, that way you keep what you want but I can buy it cause its been done.
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PostSubject: Re: Naraca Barnet DONE   Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:17 am

Uh in other words approved lol
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PostSubject: Re: Naraca Barnet DONE   Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:28 pm

Edited for 500 hunderd pounds, and thank you for the approval. Should I be added to the Earth Benders now?
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PostSubject: Re: Naraca Barnet DONE   

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Naraca Barnet DONE
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