Avatar: The Last Airbender

The old war, a new generation. With the defeat of Avatar Aang, and of Ozai\'s airfleet, each nation is left vunerable. A new avatar has been born into the water tribes, and must restore balance to the world before it is engulfed in chaos.
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PostSubject: Kiema   Kiema Icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2011 1:42 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Kiema

Alias (optional): N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Bending Power: Air

Allegiances: Air

Family Members(Optional): N/A

Birth Date(Optional): N/A

Extra Information: N/A

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: He is bald and has a bright striking blue eye color. He wears brown monk pants with a bright white monk shirt that only covers his left arm. He also has airbending tattooes on him and he wears monk boots that have straps that keep his pants tied tightly to his legs.

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 150 lbs

Body Type: Athletic

Extra Feature: N/A

Voice: Young but wise sounding

Extra Clothing/Gear: N/A


Personality: He is kind and compassionate to most. He also sometimes acts like a father figure to those who need it and someties seems to be quite wise. He is highly patient and is not angered easily. Though most of the time he is laid back until there's a crisis.

Likes: Reading, bending practice, watching the clouds, and relaxing in the shade

Dislikes: Reading interuptions, loud noises and people, random crisises

Goals: To live life peacefully and to rebuild the air nomad society

Fears: His only fear is that his efforts to rebuild the air nomad socioty are in vain.

Strength: He is an excellent air bender

Weakness: He has no resolve on fighting in fights that have no cause.

Extra Information: N/A


History: Kiema was born as a non-bender to a couple that have taken up residence in the southern air temple. Kiema was raised by his parents who seemed carefree and happy in their solitude. When Kiema was five however his father slid off of the temple and fell to his death. After spending years of cleaning up the temple Kiema's mother dies from a heart attack, thus he's left alone to live in the temple. Though shortly afterwards he finds an airbending scroll that revealed how air bending works and the air bender tattooes are applied.

Kiema soon sighed after he put the scroll back. Then he started to explore the temple some more. He soon found an old chest with the monk clothes he now wears. He soon thought about rebuilding the air nomad society as he grew older. He soon spent his days relaxing and meditating. Though he wasn't born a bender he soon becae enlightened. Kiema then tried to air bend and saw that he could. Afterwards he applied the air nomad tattooes.

As years passed Kiema had been visited by travelers. One day while he was tending to the now clean southern air temple, a few traveler came and asked if they could help him. Kiema accepted them and discovered that some were benders. In all of the travelers there was only three firebender, five earthbender and four water bender that joined him. The rest were non-benders but Kiema still took them in. Some were children and he soon became a father figure. A year had passed since then and the southern air temple looked newer than it had in recent years. Kiema then went about the place as he uncovered more of the temple's past. After a few months the young monk had effectively started on an attempt to rebuild the air nomad society. Kiema is still in the southern air temple.
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PostSubject: Re: Kiema   Kiema Icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2011 2:15 am

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