Avatar: The Last Airbender

The old war, a new generation. With the defeat of Avatar Aang, and of Ozai\'s airfleet, each nation is left vunerable. A new avatar has been born into the water tribes, and must restore balance to the world before it is engulfed in chaos.
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: (n/a)

Alias (optional): Shadow

Gender: male

Age: unknown, thought to be in the early 20s

Bending Power: Water

Allegiances: None

Family Members(Optional): All dead

Birth Date(Optional):Winter Solstice

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Tall, skinny. He has numerous scars running all over his body. A scar from a branding can faintly be seen on his left shoulder, although it has healed through water bending and time.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 175

Body Type: Lean, barely any fat, well muscled.

Extra Feature:

Voice: Quiet, soft, but has a strange air to it.

Extra Clothing/Gear: Staff of Mastaba (ironically in the amount of time I took to write this, I forgot what it means): Staff with hidden straight bladed ninjato

Appearance: Metal coating it is tempered to make it black in color. Near the ends (approx 15 cm from the end) the metal has a ring approx 1 cm wide that wraps around the staff. It is on both sides.

Description: Slightly less than two meters long, with a diameter of 5 cm. Made out of Bamboo coated in metal. It can withstand a direct hit from a sword or axe and not be cut or broken. Also on one end there is a straight blade ninjato hidden as part of the staff itself. The handle of the ninjato is made identically to the staff itself, making it indistinguishable. You have to know its there to see it. The hilt starts just after the gold band on one of the ends. The hilt of the ninjato is the same width as the staff except for 5 cm from the start of the blade, which is slightly smaller, allowing it to slide into the staff and prevent any strain from being applied directly to the blade when it is stored.


Personality: Quite calm. Has complete control over his emotions. Not to say he doesn't have any, but in a fight, he is impossible to get angry. He maintains the same calmness the entire fight, giving him an increased advantage.

Likes: Solitude, the barren lands of the poles.

Dislikes: The world, not necesarrily the people, but what it is doing to itself.

Goals: Enlightenment. Complete mastery of oneself.

Fears: Letting his anger consume himself, or the world.

Strength: Master of the sword, he relies on it more than his bending. He has complete control of himself in a battle, and increased reflexes.

Weakness: Doesn't have much protection from weapons, cannot carry much armor for long times as the weight quickly exhausts him.

Extra Information:



Raised in the earth kingdom, his parents were killed by rouges in from the forest at an early age. He was raised by a swordsman who passed by and decided to settle down and raise him. He was raised on the philosophies of the sword and of a swords master, and as such reflects them to this day. When he was in his mid teens, the master died, defending the village from another raid. He killed every last one of them before finally succumbing to his wounds and poison from the blades of his enemies. Soon after, Shadow left the village and left his true identity behind, becoming the "Shadow".

He traveled for many years, and discovered that he had the ability to manipulate water. He went to the northern water tribe to be trained, and worked hard for many years. The masters there soon became disgusted with his fighting skills because he relied more on contact than his bending, and favored using his bending for what they called "women work". Already knowing that he had lost the master's favor, he sought out the healers and learned the art that they taught. He was from then on an outcast in society as he threatened the very fabric of their society. Soon though he mastered the art of healing, becoming one of the best in the tribe.

For many years he lived outside the tribe, having developed an immunity to temperature because of his extended knowledge of the human body and of his art of bending.

It is unclear what happened that made him leave, but he journeyed into the world for a couple of years, meeting important people, then left returning to a more permanent exile. Every now and then he is seen wandering the streets of the Northern or Southern Water Tribes.
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The Shadow
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