Avatar: The Last Airbender

The old war, a new generation. With the defeat of Avatar Aang, and of Ozai\'s airfleet, each nation is left vunerable. A new avatar has been born into the water tribes, and must restore balance to the world before it is engulfed in chaos.
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PostSubject: Tan-ko   Tan-ko Icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2011 7:21 pm


Alias (optional):The earth king



Bending Power: Earth

Allegiances: Earth kingdom, his wife Terra

Family Members(Optional):Father deceased, mother deceased, siblings deceased

Birth Date(Optional):

Extra Information:cocky, ignorant, reckless. But hey, he means well.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance:Tan-ko Meiji_11


Weight:210 lbs

Body Type:a pos

Extra Feature:A few scars in random places

Voice:Young, proud, slightly cocky, a nice baritone

Extra Clothing/Gear:Besides his royal robes, when he is out he usually wraps himself up in green cloth that covers his entire body. He also weilds the royal family sword, a weapon with a blade made of solid diamond. He usually wraps the hilt in green cloth whenever he goes out.


Personality:Cocky, ignorant of the world,reckless, but very kindhearted and well meaning, also very protective of the ones he cares for, often to the point of smothering

Likes:Respect, attention, fried rice

Dislikes:Disrespect, being ignored, sushi, cowards

Goals:Protect his nation at all costs

Fears:Losing his nation, being alone, being weak

Strength:A very powerful earth bender, also one of the few who can metal bend. An outstanding swordsman and a master of many types of fighting styles, both armed and unarmed, as well as a competent commander, will lay his life down for the ones he loves

Weaknesses:Reckless, easily angered, will lay his own life down for the ones he loves


History:Tan-ko has been raised in the palace and on the many royal estates for most of his life, completely unawares of the war raging for years around him, his father thinking it best to sheild him from that fact until he was older. Until the fire nation attempted an assasination on the young tan-ko's life in an attempt to weaken the morale of earth nation soldiers. The attempt failed, barely however, and tan-ko escaped with his life, a new scar upon his chest, and a new outlook on life. Shortly after he began pressing the servants, gaurds, and his father for more information, finally learning of the war and why someone tried killing him. After learning of the war, of the suffering it was causing, and the lives lost, he resolved to put and end to the fighting and restore the the peace that for most of his young life he had considered reality. He began his combat and tactical training immediatly, preparing to take over the defense of his nation. Shortly after his father fell to an assasin. Tan-ko was forced to the throne at a young age, the youngest king in recorded history. Shortly after he married the daughter of one of his fathers highest generals, and his long time love, Terra and together they have led his nation since, bringing a new era of wealth and prosperity to the nation, but failing to end the war. So far.
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