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The old war, a new generation. With the defeat of Avatar Aang, and of Ozai\'s airfleet, each nation is left vunerable. A new avatar has been born into the water tribes, and must restore balance to the world before it is engulfed in chaos.
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 Kaizu Hei (completed)

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PostSubject: Kaizu Hei (completed)   Kaizu Hei (completed) Icon_minitimeFri Oct 28, 2011 3:22 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Kaizu Hei

Alias (optional):

Gender: Male


Bending Power: Fire

Allegiances: None

Family Members(Optional): Kourzen Hei (elder brother), Lyra Hei (sister)

Birth Date(Optional):

Extra Information: Kaizu doesn't flaunt his nationality or see it as superior, preferring to be easy going around people, and as a result has numerous friends and contacts in both the fire nation and the earth kingdom.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Kaizu is a relatively normal looking guy, not handsome or particularly unattractive, but a pleasant face to look at which tends to be forgotten if you don't know him well. He often dresses in dull red or brown clothes, although he doesn't mind putting on traditional costumes during ceremonies and celebrations He usually wraps his hands in bandages to prevent in case of a fight, and his fingers are rough with time spent travelling or working. He often dresses in thick heavy robes as well as pants and boots, and when outside usually has some sort of hat on him either stolen or found. If not he usually puts a hood up. His hair is jet black and cut quite short, and he either wears it cropped up, or flat downwards when it starts to get too long.

Height: 5 foot eleven inches or about 180 cm.

Weight: 70kg

Body Type: Svelte

Extra Feature: A black tattoo of his last name just above his heart.

Voice: His voice is very smooth and of a middle pitch. A constantly guiling yet cheery voice that is more remembered than his face.

Extra Clothing/Gear: A thick belt around his waist which is made of thick leather. A pouch he slings about containing maps, books, and money.


Personality: Kaizu is a very fun loving and adventurous human being who enjoys taking risk, but values his life above all else. He is willing to brave dangerous situations only when he sees either a clear chance (no matter how slight) or he has no choice. He despises going into things unprepared or not knowing the full situation. He enjoys insulting others, but is something he only allows himself to enjoy in particularly tense situations to get the biggest reaction out of others. He is very selfish and despises sharing, but realises the importance of having others trust and get along with him, hence he is able to give up the appearance of loyalty and friendship, there are only very few he actually trusts though. Kaizu likes to form friendships contacts and acquintances with anyone he meets, regardless or nation or rank. Not only because invariably such contacts would aid him, but because he finds people to be the most interesting companions to be with. However if put to the test he would have no remorse abandoning them to ensure his own survival, although not without doing what he could to save them first.

Likes: Sweet things, reading, thieving, gambling, watching others fume.

Dislikes: Being arrested, bounty hunters, the ocean, governments

Goals: To get rich, to have adventures, to forget about the past, and to learn as much about the world as he can

Fears: death,

Strength: intelligent, cunning, charming, fast learner, adaptive, can keep his eye on the bigger picture

Weakness: Cowardly, boastful, selfish

Extra Information: Kaizu is a wanderer who in his private moments expresses some sadness and lonliness for having isolated himself from others. However once encounters people this feeling is quickly forgetten as he realises exactly how much he dislikes getting close to anyone (he does preferse to have what he calls 'shallow friendships' except for the few he truly trusts).


History: Kaizu was born aboard a pirate ship in the middle of a storm. His father was a former fire nation noble who was caught stealing money from the nations coffers. Exiled he took up a life of piracy, and found it was something he was indeed quite good at. Kaizu grew up on the ship, and discovered that (unlike the rest of his family) he was a firebender. With no one to teach him the skill grew underused and most of his abilities with it were improvised and instinctive, his movements instructed by the flow of the tide. He did however have great control over his flames. Living as he did on a wooden ship, often loaded with precious oils, or expensive silks stolen of merchant vessals, he became incredibly profecient at controlling flame, whether his own or a natural one. His most used ability was to keep direct fire away from the ship if one started during a raid. And on a few occasions of stormy weather, he theorised and perfected the method of redirecting lightning. But bending was something of a less important ability compared to everything else there was to learn on the ship. His parents had recruited a crew of diverse characters ranging from knife throwers to magicians, all with a skill to teach and for someone as eager as Kaizu to learn, there was no better school.

He was a fast learner, though not as clever or beguiling as his brother, nor as good a fighter as his sister he nevertheless found ways to make himself useful. He became an invaluable raider, able to think up strong strategies, and work well within any team, often taking a supporting role. He preferred not to kill during raids, using intimidation and showmanship to convince others to hand over their goods, although he had no fear of taking a life. And for a while this worked for him. He was happy. Of course it couldn't last, When Kaizu turned 15 a team of bounty hunters came to end the crew. They were defeated, but not without first dealing heavy damage to the ship. On their way to make repairs they ran into a patrol of fire nation vessels. Unable to run the ship was destroyed, only Kaizu and his siblings managed to survive, using his bending ability to clear a path through the flames and swim to shore.

Enraged and saddened by the loss, the three tracked down the navy ships and planned their revenge. The siblings stowed away on the vessels, and waited till they were far out into the sea and away from help. Then they proceeded to destroy all the life boats except for one. With that done, they rigged the engines to explode, and sailed away on the only undestroyed craft. As they watched the ships slowly sink into the deep waters, it's crew struggling to stay afloat on the debris the three decided to go their seperate ways. Kaizu's brother Kourzen became a firebrand and started several rebellions against the fire nation, until he grew distasteful of the life, faked his death to become a martyr and hid away, although not before making sure that Kaizu and Lyra could still contact him. Kaizu's sister became the leader of a mercenary group, using her incredible fighting prowess for anyone who could afford them. Kaizu decided to run as far away as he could from the life he knew. He became a theif, an apprentice to anyone who would take him, a traveller, an occaisional sword for hire, a gambler, even a chef on more than one occasion. He sought to lose himself in adventure and travel, and maybe one day find something worthy to fight for.
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Kaizu Hei (completed)
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