Avatar: The Last Airbender

The old war, a new generation. With the defeat of Avatar Aang, and of Ozai\'s airfleet, each nation is left vunerable. A new avatar has been born into the water tribes, and must restore balance to the world before it is engulfed in chaos.
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 Pain born through fire

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PostSubject: Pain born through fire   Pain born through fire Icon_minitimeSat Nov 12, 2011 7:58 am

((OOC: Song for the post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCfiqY05BpA&list=FLtIRr2Dt_O8XLy_vw28Feug&index=9&feature=plpp_video ))

The flames of Pain and suffering burst forth from the core of a frail, and weak home made of frozen water. Vocalizations of the burned and the dieing flooded the crimson sky's in there embrace of the final screams that spewed out from the weak. The claws of carnage brought all to there knee's as they cried for mercy to the vanguard of there destruction.
Amongst black bodies, devoid of all life, and the within the puny village made of snow, there stood but one. The clouds dropped tears of black snow as many attempted to will there loved one's back to life. However there was no pathetic feelings of relief or joy on this day of the red Sun.
The flames licked the sky and surrounded a village of water tribe humans that denied themselves true peace. The only peace they granted themselves was the denial of Pain, the pain that brought suffering, which would lead to numbness, followed by understanding, and then true peace. It was the Pain that would force the infantile world that was swarmed by an infection of humans to grow up from chaff and into wheat. Those that denied Pain would succumb to it, and those that accepted it would find true peace.

Fire devoured the breath that gave them a beating heart, and it dried up the waters that gifted them with life, the houses that shielded them as they attempted to hide themselves from Pain were only cleansed through fire. It was the flame that helped those around Pain to sweat out there fear and accept judgement from the harbinger of there destruction.
Those of the Water Tribes tried to combat Pain, there actions were meaningless under the will of God. The water they commanded was overruled by the superior judge of discord. The ones that came at Pain with spears only found themselves with sticks, as the fire of Pain melted the tips of there neanderthal-like weapons. With nothing but wood in there hands they fell to there knees in an attempt to accept God, however they were answered by falling to there backs with there souls ripped from there bodies. The judgement of God saw these worthless humans unfit for the location of paradise.

Pain now let his feet carry his body through the wreckage that would birth a new village, one that may understand at least a glimpse of true Pain. The lavender colored eyes of Pain observed the burning village with a soulless expression of satisfaction. It was not the pleasure of bringing a burning justice that gave Pain his justification for the village being torn asunder. It was the knowledge of the greater good that drove Pain forward, this was all in the name of peace. The fire would burn away the fat, and grease of this world and give birth to a strong world that accepted true Pain, and therefore peace.

It was Hatred that would be stabbed, Wrath that would be beaten, Greed that would be impaled, Lust that would be strangled, Gluttony that would be shot, Pride that would be tortured, and Evil itself that would be baptized through undeniable Pain.
Resistance was futile, like an ant fighting the sun with nothing but inferior will that drove them. The world of the spirits taught Pain the meaning of peace, and showed him the one that would attempt to fight back using all elements to push away the coming days of Pain. Inferior hands lifted to eliminate the utter embrace of suffering would be shattered.

When face to face with Pain, the one that controlled all elements would have her body broken, her mind shattered, and her heart succumbed to God.
Pain was God, and to deny the deity of true peace was to deny the world of it's rebirth. Pain would bring an end to the one that fought back, and bathe the world in molten lava so that it may become a land that houses the happiness that Pain gave it.

The approaching of Pain was near, soon the Avatar would meet God, and find herself in a crossroads of either denying true peace and being burned away, or accepting it, and becoming a part of the baptizing of the world.

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Pain born through fire
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