Avatar: The Last Airbender

The old war, a new generation. With the defeat of Avatar Aang, and of Ozai\'s airfleet, each nation is left vunerable. A new avatar has been born into the water tribes, and must restore balance to the world before it is engulfed in chaos.
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 Road Between Ba Sing Se and Omashu

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PostSubject: Road Between Ba Sing Se and Omashu   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:11 am

Hot air filled Nhala's lungs as she walked the dusty plains of the Earth Kingdom. Everywhere around her, grassy plains stretched to eternity. The far away mountains ahead seemed to never come closer. the only thing that broke this infinite trail was the amazing amount of circular stone disks, reminiscent of the nation's currency.

Boredom had long since taken hold. And unfortunately, her supply of food was out, leaving her with nothing to eat. Omashu was such a great distance away. Nhala hoped there would be a lake, or pond, or even a stream that she could catch fish in. But with the layout of the terrain, she rather doubted she would be so fortunate.
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PostSubject: Re: Road Between Ba Sing Se and Omashu   Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:51 am

A loud rattling caught her attention, causing her to turn around. A trail of dust was approaching her, lead by a carriage. The carriage moved at a good pace, and soon, the ostrich-drawn carriage stormed past, only to slow to a halt.

"Good day, m'lady. Do you need a lift?" The carriage driver inquired. He turned to his right, before turning back to her. "We have enough room for a noble-lady like yourself."

Nhala glanced to the distant mountains at the far horizon, and then back to the carriage. "I would be honored. Thank you." She replied, giving a curtsy of respect, she stepped towards the door.

Opening it, she found a noble-looking man and woman, obviously from the Earth Kingdom. The woman took a long look at Nhala, displeased by what she saw. "No, I refuse to let such a dirty child step foot in here. I completely refuse!"

"And yet, my dear, for a young lady, her attire is well chosen." The man looked Nhala over with his beady eyes. "Say, child, what are you doing in the country this far from civilization? Did your servants run off on you?"

Nhala blinked, and sought to find the right words. "My apologies." She began. "You see, I am part of no caravan, but decided to make the trip myself. I have business in the city of Omashu. And as your driver offered me entry, I do seek your permission before I set foot in your carriage. Might I ask if you are headed in the same direction?"

"Indeed we are, miss. Please excuse my wife's scrutiny. While your style of fashion is more practical than we are used to, it is still quite upper-class. Please come in." He beckoned. Nhala curtsied, and stepped aside to brush off the road's dust before climbing aboard.

As the cabin door slammed shut, the man knocked on the wall, and the carriage lurched forwards into motion. "Might I ask your name, child?"

"My apologies, sir, madam. My name is Nhala."

"Well she certainly doesn't look like she's from the Earth Kingdom." The woman glared. The man looked her over again.

"Agreed, but I will not judge, despite my curiosity."

Nhala winced slightly. "Yes, indeed. I am not from this nation. I actually hail from the Northern Water Tribe. I am-"

"See? I told you she didn't look like nobility! Cast her out! Driver!" She hollered. The carriage halted.

Through the woman's constant harping, Nhala explained to the man. "I am sorry for the deception my clothes may have given you, but I am indeed nobility. I herald from the North, and am the daughter of a nobleman!" The noble-lady was busy trying to push her out the now open door. Her husband placed a hand in her path, stopping her attempts to push the girl back to the road.

Nhala reached into her bag and withdrew a seal, bearing her family crest. The woman was suspicious, but the man took it from the girl and studied it carefully. "It does appear to bear the same markings as the Water Nation noble crests."

"You know about our crests?" Nhala inquired.

"Oh yes, very much so. I have been a guest of one family, and host to a few others over the years. Now please, child, close the door. You are letting the heat in." He beckoned. Nhala closed the door and repositioned herself, accepting the seal from the man as he handed it back to her.

With a sharp rap on the wall, the carriage lurched back into motion, and set down the dusty road to Omashu.
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Road Between Ba Sing Se and Omashu
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