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The old war, a new generation. With the defeat of Avatar Aang, and of Ozai\'s airfleet, each nation is left vunerable. A new avatar has been born into the water tribes, and must restore balance to the world before it is engulfed in chaos.
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 Kanade, Kiharu. [Done]

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PostSubject: Kanade, Kiharu. [Done]   Kanade, Kiharu. [Done] Icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2012 5:43 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Kiharu Meia Kanade

Alias (optional): Mei, Meia.

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Bending Power: Water

Allegiances: Northern Water Tribe.

Family Members(Optional):
Father :: Harutakka Kanade, 43, Fire Bender.
Mother :: Kanari Kanade, 39, Non-Bender.
Brother :: Karu Kanade, 19, Fire Bender.
Twin Sister :: Kimiko Kanade, Non Bender.
Sister :: Kyoko Kanade, 8, Water Bender.
Brother :: Koji Kanade, 2, Water Bender.

Birth Date(Optional): 7/2/1995

Extra Information: None.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: Short purple hair, about jaw length, glistening purple eyes match her hair. Also she wears a blue kimono, with purple flowers embroidered in the silk.

Height: 5"6"

Weight: 130lbs

Body Type: Slim, slender.

Extra Feature: A wave emblem tattoo, with KK floating on top, reffering to Kiharu Kanade.

Character Picture:Kanade, Kiharu. [Done] Kiharu10

Voice: Quite high, average sweet female voice.

Extra Clothing/Gear: A katana, doesn't use it all the time because she can bend.


Personality: Kiharu is the more 'rebellious' one of the twins. She has always been the one to try out adventures, denying all the trouble she caused, and just acting like a fool sometimes. Emiko refers to her as 'a 17 year old girl who should wise up a little, and act responsibly'. Kiharu, being the oldest of the twins by 3 seconds, has always been the one to say 'Screw Rules, It's my game'.

Likes: Winding her sister Kimiko up.

Dislikes: Being made to behave responsibly in front of important guests.

Goals: To become a worldwide traveller, and explore the world with Koji when he's older.

Fears: Fires. Her sister Kyoko, was trapped in a dreadful fire when she was 3. She is afraid that Koji or Kyoko will be trapped in a fire and die, thinking it was all her fault.

Strength: Knowing that she can guard her family, and her bending is strong.

Weakness: Being captured or taken away from her family, knowing they are in danger and she may not see them again.

Extra Information:


History: Kiharu Meia Kanade, daughter of a blacksmith at the Northern Water Tribe, is quite a poor family. As Harutakka, her father, wasn't accepted to join the millitary, all his life he had found a useful profession, being a blacksmith. Her mother Kanari, mother of 5 children, is quite upset, that her family is suffering. As much as Kiharu and Karu try to persuade her that they are fine living like this, Kanari would always blame herself. The Kanade family has created a tradition to follow on through the generations, there must be a K in they're name. Although Harutakka's name doesn't begin with K, the tradition was modified to consist atleast one K must be in the name.

As a child, her and Kimiko were very helpful, and kind to eachother. They would always play Kings and Queens in the snow, with their brother, Karu. They would always ask Kanari to play aswell, trying to cheer her up, because of all the depression in her mind. Karu, Kimiko and Kiharu tried their hardest to show their mother they were happy with their lives, yet she would still sit there watching, but sulking. This made Kiharu quite upset, and from then on, she decided she, Karu and Kimiko would try and help the family by caring for the children to come, getting money and fighting for the tribe. When she reached 9 years old, her younger sister, Kyoko was born.

When Kiharu came into her teens, she was thought to be quite rebellious and adventurous. These remarks never stopped her though.
She being more able to defend herself with her weaponry, and her well-minded skills. At the age of 12, it was time for Kiharu and Kimiko to learn to fight. Karu, being 14 years old, helped his dad run the Bending Test, a small test to see whether they had bending or not. Karu came out as a Firebender, just like his father Harutakka. Kimiko came out as a Nonbender, like her mother. That strange moment shocked Kiharu, as her bending came out as a Water Bender. Waterbending came from Kanari's side, generations ago. Kanari and Harutakka found this rather shocking, but glad there was a waterbender in their family again.

By the time she reached 15 years old, Kanari had been teaching Kimiko how to use Fans and a Katana. Harutakka showed Karu the ways of controlling his Firebending. But Kiharu had to struggle by herself, learning the ways of Waterbending and Healing. Things got more complicated as Kyoko needed to take her test earlier in life, and Kiharu's youngest sibling, Koji was born. As they're family get bigger, Kiharu will have to face being a Waterbending teacher, if her siblings are Waterbenders.
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Kanade, Kiharu. [Done]
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