Avatar: The Last Airbender

The old war, a new generation. With the defeat of Avatar Aang, and of Ozai\'s airfleet, each nation is left vunerable. A new avatar has been born into the water tribes, and must restore balance to the world before it is engulfed in chaos.
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 Harutakka Kanade. [WIP]

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PostSubject: Harutakka Kanade. [WIP]   Harutakka Kanade. [WIP] Icon_minitimeSat Jun 02, 2012 8:28 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Harutakka Lei Kanade

Alias (optional): Haru, Taku, Lei.

Gender: Male

Age: 43

Bending Power: Fire

Allegiances: Northern Water Tribe

Family Members(Optional):
Wife :: Kanari Kanade, 39, Non-Bender.
Son :: Karu Kanade, 19, Fire Bender.
Daughter :: Kiharu Kanade, 17, Water Bender.
Daughter :: Kimiko Kanade, 17, Non Bender.
Daughter :: Kyoko Kanade, 8, Water Bender.
Son :: Koji Kanade, 2, Water Bender.

Birth Date(Optional): 6th of December.

Extra Information: None.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Appearance: He is a tall, muscular man, short purple hair and dark eyes. He wears a long black robe and brown sandals.

Height: 6"5"

Weight: 156lbs

Body Type: Muscular, Lean.

Extra Feature: A tattoo on his arm, like the rest of his family, but saying 'HK' for Harutakka Kanade.

Character Picture: Harutakka Kanade. [WIP] Harrut10

Voice: Low, booming, male voice.

Extra Clothing/Gear: He carries around his lucky katana, 'Intrepidus Aqua' meaning Fearless Water.









Extra Information:


History: (at least 2-3 paragraphs)
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Harutakka Kanade. [WIP]
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